Some Tips to Get People to Retweet Your Posts

You have to discuss current events if you want to get people to retweet your posts. It has been proven in a study that 80% of retweets are actually about news. Also, more than 50% of retweeted content is enteraintment related. More than ever, people are heading to Twitter to find the latest breaking news, whether it be entertainment related or not. Believe it or not, some of the biggest news over the past year has been broken via Twitter. People are quick when it comes to tweeting content, therefore, you are leaving money on the table if you do not post entertainment or current news in your tweets. If you want retweets, try using this strategy and just sit back and watch what happens.

Whenever tweeting try not to be overly promotional, or else you will not get as many retweets. Whenever you encourage people to retweet your tweets, make sure you are giving them something that they would actually want to retweet in the first place, rather than just a promotion bit about your company or products. Whenever you tweet, you have to keep in mind the information that your target audience craves, and then tackle it.

Always try to include links back to your website, your blog, whatever you want people to go to. Believe it or not, in researches, it has been confirmed that 50% of retweets actually contain a link of some sort. Therefore, not only should you engage with your twitter audience, but promoting your content should always be your main focus whenever you use Twitter. So, feel free to push out some links back to your website.

If you have any other tips that can help people get their tweets retweeted, please leave them below.