Some Tips to Help Your Convert More Customers

Make things personal! Seriously, this may sound like a no-brainer, but most marketers fail in this aspect. Whenever you grab information from your leads, one of the common things that you gather is their first name, so you need to make sure that you actually use it. You have to be able to personalize your communication efforts with your lead’s first name at least. Addressing your leads with their names will be able to make the experience that much more personal, and it will actually lead to your gaining their trust just a little bit more. If you got it, use it.

Next, you should take a look at the person’s social media engagement. Are they on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc..? If so, what sort of information can you gain about that person through these websites? Look at their discussions, and analyze what their interests are. Do they seem to be interested in certain things that you offer? After you figure out what they want, supply them with the content that they seem to be interested in.

Check out what pages on your website that your leads have viewed. This information that you can gather will be helpful in determining at which state of the sales cycle your leads are in. By checking out what pages they have checked out, you may be able to determine how close that person is to making a purchase. That is when you begin to close in on the potential sale.

If you can, see what the job title is of the lead. For instance, if you see that they are the CEO of a company, or just a junior at a company, you will want to approach them in a different manner. Your sales pitch to a CEO would most likely be different versus a sales pitch you would give to a junior in the company.

Do you have any more tips to convert leads? If so, please leave them below.