Tumblr for Social Media Marketing

Tumblr is a social media site that isn’t’ heard about very often, but with 39 million users it deserves some consideration when it comes to choosing which new sites you might want to add to your social media marketing mix. It is thought to be an ideal platform for integrating visual media including photos and videos, but still allows for written content such as blog posts which gives it an interesting texture. Big brands are starting to stand up and take notice of Tumblr as well, with Adidas recently rolling out a large scale brand campaign that they are reporting success with.

Tumblrs are mostly the 25 and under crowd, which is perfect for your business if you have products and services that appeal to a younger target market. The ads appear as highlighted posts, much the same way as Facebook Promoted Posts or Twitter promoted Tweets. But you don’t have to buy advertising on it and will probably want to create a profile and start to engage with other Tumblrs before you do anything else. After you create a profile, you can follow other Tumblrs and search through for posts to comment on or Like.

While this is a younger crowd, quality is still key. Using images is important for any post to quickly get attention and the higher quality image, the better. They also encourage other Tumblrs to re-blog or share your content which is helpful in a variety of ways such as gaining additional exposure for your brand. Using product images creatively can also help you get your products in front of those who are likely to purchase them.

Personality and humor is the most effective to win the engagement of Tumblrs. The TODAY show is known for posting jokes that get an average of a 100 comments per day which proves that Tumblrs love looking at the light side of life. Also, since they are a younger group, they have a better appreciation for quirkiness than some of the more professional social media sites like LinkedIn.

When you use visually appealing posts to share your latest content or post about anything that could be relevant, entertaining or useful to your target market of Tumblrs you will start to build a following. Sprinkling in news of sales and promotions is acceptable at this point if you keep them few and far between. Mostly with Tumblr, think of engaging with other Tumblrs and creating posts that will be most likely to be re-blogged or shared for the best Tumblr success.