Webinar Tips for Online Marketing

Hosting a free Webinar for established and potential new customers is a great way to stimulate additional social media marketing activities. A webinar is an online seminar that you can conduct on any number of topics and participants can join in from the comfort of their own home or office via computer and their telephone. Webinar software is easy to work with and you can even host webinars through Skype.

Choosing your topic and outlining why it would be beneficial for your target market is the first step to getting started. If you sell products or services that cater to other businesses, hosting a free lunch hour webinar is a great way to appeal to busy decision makers. Keep the webinar short and filled with valuable information that you know your target market would be most interested in. If your business caters to consumers, then hosting a webinar in the evening or over the weekend is usually the most beneficial.

When you plan your webinar think about how many attendees you want, who to invite and what social media networks you will post the information to. Make sure you advertise what is valuable about attending the free webinar such as “Talk Live to World Famous Engineer” or whatever your industry would value, will have professionals excited to join in.

Plan your webinar so it stays interactive and engaging throughout the entire scheduled time. Having additional information beyond what is planned can be helpful in case you get through all the material faster than you thought you would. Having a set of open ended questions to ask participants can also help encourage them to get started talking or chatting via an online chat session.

You can use the webinar sign up as a future lead generator by emailing participants before and after the webinar with timely information about the webinar, or to follow up after the webinar. Many people will register for webinars and not attend, so having a recording of the webinar to post on your website after the event will allow those that could not make it to find out what they missed. You will still be able to market to them that way as well.

Free webinar’s can help give your business a great boost in activity for social media marketing. You will be able to announce the webinar and talk about it afterward. The leads you will create or new customers will also be a nice way to help you build your business.