Why You Should Increase SEO for Bing

30% of people searching on the internet use Bing. This is the number one reason why you should increase SEO for Bing. SEO for Google is still the most important in reaching 70% of the people using search engines. 30% is a significant number as well. Capitalizing your efforts toward this percentage can exponentially increase the success of your website. In fact, depending on the demographics of your target market, optimizing your site for Bing may be more successful than optimizing it for Google. This is especially true if your products and services are geared towards the 46 and over groups.

Many SEO professionals will gear all of their efforts towards Google. While Google and Bing share many of the same SEO parameters for best results, Bing has some significant differences. One of those differences is that the click through rate (CTR) for searches has a great deal more value. Improving the CTR for your searches will help your site rank higher in Bing.

Another difference is that Bing uses Twitter and Facebook data in their algorithms. They use this information to evaluate popularity of pages by users. Becoming socially active will have a significant impact on your SEO for Bing objectives. It also helps to place Twitter and Facebook buttons strategically on your website to encourage visitors to share your site with their Twitter and Facebook friends.

Something Google and Bing have in common is they both require quality content to persuade them to increase the relevancy of your website in their databases. The best way to stay optimized for both engines is to make sure your website offers a unique experience for users that has a consistent flow of high quality content. Spend time removing any duplicate content from your site. It is better to have fewer pages of all original content than many pages of content that has been copied from other sites.

Bounce rates are exceptionally important when outlining why you should increase SEO for Bing. Vying for top search engine placement at Bing requires having pages that your visitors will find compelling enough to stay at for at least two minutes or longer. If site guests return to their Bing search engine results page in under a minute, Bing will assume your page is not compelling enough to rank highly in their search pages. Taking time to create the best user experience for your website visitors will not only help you compete in the search engines, it will encourage potential customers to take action. This could result in increased sales.