How the World’s Top Brands Use Social Media

Social media is a proven means for increasing revenue and profits. Staying up to date on how the world’s top brands use Social Media can help you create marketing plans for your business’s social media success. While not all the ways enterprise corporations use social media will work for your business, you are sure to find a few valuable ones that you can use.

A prevalent practice top brands use Social Media for is to encourage others to post about their brand at their own social media sites. Consumers trust their friends and associates before they trust a brand. How this works is to create a contest or interesting content article that people will want to share with their network. This builds trust and exposure for your brand because other people feel it is worth talking to others about.

While encouraging others post about your website is a standard online marketing practice, there are more innovative things you can do. Asking people to upload pictures of themselves using your products in return for a coupon or freebie could be an innovative way to get a significant amount of activity going at your social media sites. You could also give your product or service away for free to a couple of highly social media users (The more friends/connections the better), in return for posting a specific set of posts raving about how great your product/service is.

While you are looking for innovative ways to use social media like the top brands do, assign two to three staff members to post at least once a day at each social media account your website has. The posts should fit into your business culture and appeal to social media users, without marketing or advertising. For example, some companies will post motivational quotes two to three times a day across their social media sites. Other companies will post more personal content, such as “We are all going to lunch at Denny’s, where are your coworkers eating for lunch?” or other topics designed to engage in conversation with your social media connections.

Tops Brands also use social media effectively by focusing on the top social media sites for their industry. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are across the board most popular social media sites. Choose these along with two or three others that fit into the culture of your website. This could be an industry focused social networking site or social bookmarking sites. Due diligence is required for researching the sites that have the highest amount of your target market actively involved with them.

What social media sites to you use, and how do you use them?