Get SEO Friendly

There are so many SEO tips and tricks on the internet these days that it can be hard for an internet marketing newbie to figure out what works and what doesn’t.  But if you are reading tips from a couple of years ago, they may not work anymore since search engine algorithms are constantly being changed in order to give internet searchers more relevant results.  This means that a page that was in the top of search engine results page (SERP) yesterday may not be there today.  So here are a few new tips that have been found to work:

  • Make your pages load faster – Slow-loading pages are seen as a bad user experience by the search engines, and can affect your ratings in the SERPs.  Keep images small, and don’t add too many of them.  Also be sure that your URL has the last backslash on it to prevent a redirect to a main directory, slowing down the page loading time.
  • Build visitor trust – If visitors don’t trust your site or your business, they won’t buy your products and will not revisit the site.  Make sure you give your contact information, at least in the form of an email address.  Also post a clear privacy policy if you collect personal information, so that visitors know what you do with their information.  Create an “about” page that gives your name, a short bio, and a picture.  That way you are not anonymous to your site visitors.
  • Get your content out there – Use RSS feeds, social networks, and article submissions to get your web site recognized and create backlinks to other relevant sites.  SEO is not just about keywords any more, but rather the perceptions that visitors have of your site.  Be sure that your content is of high quality, and search engines will like you more.

With SEO marketing changing constantly, I am sure there are other tips that work well.  Please be sure to share yours with us here.