Increase Your Revenue with Existing Customers through Social Media

Much of online marketing efforts including social media marketing are aimed at exposing your brand to new customers in the hope of converting them. When there is too much focus on gaining new customers, you could be at risk of forgetting about the customers that all ready exist. Using social media efforts to further engage and keep existing customers interested will increase your revenue significantly because happy customers are more likely to make purchases again if you keep them engaged and give them reasons to become repeat customers.

Using social media marketing to encourage them to make more frequent purchases is one way to use your social media sites to keep existing customers engaged. This costs less than advertising for new customers and the revenue brought in from repeat customers has a bigger profit margin because of the lowered expense of advertising to them. Offering deals and special promotions that they cannot receive unless they are followers of your social media sites is one way to encourage repeat customers to buy more frequently while also growing your social signals for better search engine ranking.

Social media users love to get recognition and mentioning them specifically in posts if they have made comments or have otherwise engaged with your business shows that you care enough about them to give them special attention. It will also encourage others to make purchases because when you are publicly showing recognition, it offers proof that you value your customers. Having a monthly giveaway and announcing the winner on your social media sites is one way to do this. Another way is to have a “Featured Customer” on a weekly or monthly basis to acknowledge those who have given you testimonials or posted favorable comments about your products or services.

Offering compelling and valuable information to current customers about your products and services, by announcing blog posts at your social media sites, or posting helpful tips and tricks that will help you customers are also great ways to stay in touch with current customers. These activities will increase brand loyalty with customers you all ready have while you also focus on gaining new customers. Your repeat customers are worth their weight in gold on social media sites because they will engage with your business and help you gain social proof so that when new customers come along, they will see how well your business works with its current customers and will want to become a part of that.