Paint a Picture

Marketing is more than just a list of things to do so that people know who you are and what you want to sell. Sometimes even if you have done everything on the list in the right order, you still may not find the success you want. In that case, look very closely at your ad copy. Does it say what you really need it to say? You have to be sure that your potential customers are getting the message you want to give them, and that they are reading what they want to know.

Think about some of the advertising you have seen recently. Some of the ads are very unique and grab your attention from the first word. You find some of them rather witty, some funny, and some that even tug at your heart a little bit. That is effective ad copy. The person or people that developed those ads got their message to you for their product or service and you read what you wanted to read. More than likely, whether you decided to buy their product or not, that product brand will stay in your mind for awhile. The next time you see or hear about that brand, it will trigger the memory of that great ad you saw.

You have to think of your blank page as a canvas on which to draw that mental picture that will grab and hold the attention of your customers. You want to be sure they can see the benefits of your products or services, and that your company comes to mind when they decide to make a purchase. Once you establish that mental image, it will stay there for quite some time. Never underestimate the power of that blank canvas.

Share your artistic abilities in ad copy here, so all of us can learn more together.