Tips in Launching Your Product

Sometimes, when and where you launch the debut of your products can make a difference in your sales. For example, the launch of the iPad products was announced months before it actually happened, with some advertising and marketing techniques that drew attention to them. After all of the hype, the products were introduced and, quite frankly, they did not stay on the shelves long. This is a fine example of some great marketing. They knew exactly where and when to debut the product. So I would be remiss in not divulging these tips in getting your products on the market.

1. You need to define your objectives in your marketing plan, and do your marketing research. The numbers you define for your product sales with its debut need to be realistic according to market demand. If you are marketing an eBook or digital media, the customer can have access immediately, which is sometimes preferable to printed or physical materials that take time to ship. These factors also have to be considered.

2. Make sure your product is perfected before you decide to launch it. After the final tweaks are done, it will be time to market it. If you release the product before then, you take the risk of losing your customers before they build the loyalty you want.

3. You must be sure to include everyone that is working on the project in communications so that you are aware of the ability to meet deadlines. Your PR people and advertising developers have to be on cue in marketing your product before it actually debuts.

4. Once your product is ready for its big debut, you must have a set date for its release. This way, the advertising and marketing crew know when and how to get the product information out to your target customers.

5. When the product debuts, you must monitor your progress in sales and inquiries to be sure that your marketing strategy for the debut was effective.

In sharing your experiences in your product debuts, all of us can get some tips and hints in order to be better marketers. Please post them here for all of us.