Visual Content for Online Success

It is no secret that online marketing continues to evolve and if you are not keeping up with the trends, your business is at risk of becoming obsolete. Consumer expectations are growing and customers demand interactivity with the brands they are purchasing across every channel including the ability to shop online through their computers and smartphones and engage social through the top social media networks. Will your business keep up or go by way of the dinosaur?

It is no longer enough to have online web store that just sits there. Today, you need social media presence, interactive online websites, including your products and value added content that is going to attract and keep your customers attention from clicking quickly over to your more exciting competitors. They are looking for visual stimulation and information that is going to help them solve the problems that your products or services can solve for them, in a way that is quick, concise and entertaining.

Making sure that the interesting and engaging content you add to your website and share at your social media sites will translate to the mediums your customers are using most is the next important part of proving to them that you are worth their time. This means testing website compatibility across all platforms including mobile devices and a variety of browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

A strong social media presence and rich media content is going to keep you in the game of online sales. If your website includes text only, you can expect visitors to stay about 48 seconds, not long enough to make a purchase. If you add high quality images and videos, they will stick around for five minutes or longer and that is enough time to convert their visit into a sale. Encouraging them to join your social media networks so you can continue to build relationships with them will keep them as customers because people prefer to buy from businesses they feel they know on a personal level.

When your business creates a mix of high quality content and makes it available and compatible, you will notice an increase in visitors and sales because you will establish yourself as a reliable and trustworthy resource in your industry. You will also achieve search engine ranking success because search engines award the most interactive websites by rating them higher in their search pages. Your business will be found more readily, make more friends that will become customers and continue to build as the momentum of your efforts grows across the World Wide Web.