3 ways to repurpose PLR

Private Label Rights (PLR) can create significant benefits for your business if you know the top 3 ways to repurpose PLR. Repurposing PLR is important because many others purchase the same PLR that you do and post the content “as is”. This creates pages across the internet that is unoriginal. If you fall prey to this lazy way of using PLR, you risk losing important SEO points with the top search engines. You also risk losing your readership due to lacking the unique voice you need to continue to appeal to them.

The top 3 ways to repurpose PLR takes a minimal amount of time and effort. The time and effort pay off by helping you to create original content that will give keep your website up-to-date with current information while giving additional opportunities for the search engines to recognize your website as having more weight to increase your placement in their databases. The higher up you place in the search engine databases, the more your traffic and potential for sales will increase. This alone will reimburse you for taking the initiative to repurpose your PLR.

Rewrite to Repurpose PLR

Rewriting the Private Label Rights materials you purchase will help you create unique content for your use. Whether you post it on your website or rewrite it into an eBook that you can use to sell to your clients or customers, having unique content can be worth its weight in gold.

Recompile to Repurpose PLR

You will notice that most of the PLR you purchase for your business niche will include a variety of information about similar topics. Combining that information and organizing the topics in a comprehensive way to appeal to your target market will give you a whole new collection of unique and compelling articles for your clients or customers. You can also recompile the PLR information into a comprehensive report that you can use to sell or offer as a free incentive for readers to sign up for your newsletter.

Reduce To Repurpose PLR

Recreate your PLR materials into cohesive summary articles to save your readers time when learning new information about your business and other valuable information they will value learning about. One good PLR article pack of 15 to 20 articles could produce 50 or more original articles by being creative in their use.

Remember these 3 ways to repurpose PLR. Rewrite, Recompile and Reduce. Do you have other ways that you repurpose PLR? We would love to hear about it!