Words to Avoid in Internet Marketing

When someone is writing the content for their web site, they sometimes use words that drive people away.  The sorry thing is that they are not aware of that.  You have to remember the same sales techniques that are used in a physical sales location and optimize them for the internet.  There are words used at a physical location that should not be used online, so a brief listing of them is necessary in order for you to get the most out of your business web site.

  • Sign – Using phrases like “sign up” or “sign in” can have negative connotations in connection with the physical phrases of “sign on the dotted line” and “signing your life away.”  In the internet world, signing up for some things means you can get spam mailings or can be sent phishing scams and viruses from some unsavory sites.  Try something a lot more credible, like “log in” or “subscribe,” which gives the site visitor the option of becoming a member of your list.
  • Buy – No one likes to be pressured into making a purchase.  They like to think about it, at least for a few minutes.  Phrases like “buy now,” “limited time only” (in connection with a real-time clock ticking) may make page visitors click on the close button.  Try using phrases softer in nature, like “add to your shopping cart, “ or “add to the shopping bag.”  These phrases make the buyer feel that the purchase is one that THEY choose, not your business.
  • Lose – Phrases like “you can’t lose” and “nothing to lose” gives a negative connotation to the visitor.  The word itself is negative, and gets planted in their minds.  Try other more positive phrases like “guaranteed to please” or “highly recommended.”

There are others that should be avoided, but these are probably the worst three culprits that can cost you in sales.  If you have seen these used, please let us know your reactions to them, and how you have corrected this issue on your site.