7 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Activities

Unless you are a professional, or don’t mind being glued to your computer 24 hours a day there are 7 reasons to outsource your social media activities.

Outsource Social Media Video Marketing

Video marketing contractors can be instrumental in knowing what videos will become the most viral for your company. They should be able to advise you by having market research skills along with video production skills.

Outsource Social Media Facebook Management

Hire a Facebook Manager that can help you create groups around products, build product pages, keep your community engaged without alienating them with too much advertising. They should also upload photos and interesting posts, produce video and event promotion and product launches, and manage friends/fans.

Outsource Social Media Twitter Management

With one million people joining twitter every month, it pays to have an experienced Twitter Manager. Along with being part of the market research team, a Twitter manager should handle friend management, pre-schedule tweets about news or sales events and create better audience engagement.

Outsource Social Media Online Press Releases

Press releases (PR) are important for SEO, audience awareness, community positioning and brand development. Hire a PR agent that will keep up with current affairs and concentrate on story development, keeping up with current topics and social promotion. They should also be a part of your overall marketing research team.

Outsource Social Media Bookmarking Coordinator

Having the pages of your site, press releases and articles bookmarked at sites such as Digg or Stumbleupon can create an impressive increase in traffic and sales. A bookmarking coordinator should be able to make sure your site is getting attention from bookmarking sites.

Outsource Social Media Blogging

Adding a professional blogger to your business is worth its weight in gold. They can help you build a community, create new forms of customer communication and create unique content on a consistent basis. Your blogger should become part of your market research team and be responsible for blogging ideas and content research along with being able to write compelling content that will attract readers and search engines.

Outsource Social Media Document Marketing

Document marketing is one of the most popular ways to help with branding efforts and gaining inbound links to your site. A document marketer should be able to edit your documents to include the best links, help create documents and submit them to sites such as Scribd.

Hiring professionals to handle some or all of your social media tasks will significantly optimize your efforts. The time saved for you and your staff members will allow you to stay focused on other important aspects of your business that may otherwise suffer if you are strapped to the daily obligations of social media.