YouTube Optimization for Social Media Marketing Success

YouTube is an important social media channel for your marketing efforts. It can help your business get ranked higher more quickly in the search engines than your own business website can do. But, there are some definite techniques to make sure your YouTube activity is optimized to get the search engine’s attention in the first place.

If there is no one at your company that can sit in front of a web camera or video camera in order to create short, compelling videos for YouTube and your business website or make PowerPoint videos from your most popular business presentations. Make sure they include valuable information to your target market. The best videos will be less than five minutes and will have engaging information. They do not have to be professional productions, but should be a good quality.

When you create your business YouTube channel, be strategic with how you name it. If you are a local business, make sure and add your city to the name, and a clear word that describes your products or services. If you own a bakery and are based in Chicago, Chicago Bakery is a great choice. You can use the actual name of your business in the Channel Tags along with other relevant keywords, but most people will search for “Chicago Bakery” before they search for your business name unless your bakery is very well known.

Next, choose a list of keywords to add when you upload your video to YouTube and make sure some of the keywords use your business location in some of the phrases to help compete in the local market. The keywords should be relevant to your video. For example, if you are creating a video about how to choose the best consulting services, use keywords such as “Consulting Services (Your City), Consulting Services tips, Find the best consulting services, etc…

Make sure and use the same strategy for the title of your video as you did for the name of your YouTube channel, keep it relevant to the topic. Make sure your business website URL is included in the first line of the description of your video. Use the maps feature if you are a local business for further optimization. Pay close attention to make sure your video gets placed in the best category and choose autoplay so your video will play as soon as someone visits your YouTube Channel.

When you use these optimization tips you will see a steady increase in how your YouTube channel ranks in the search engines. YouTube optimization for social media marketing success will help increase visitors to your site. Remember to share the YouTube videos on your website and other social media networks for greater exposure.