Becoming a Social Butterfly

You have spent countless hours building the content of your website, getting the graphics just right, and tweaking all of the functions you want to make available on your site.  You have spent the time to have the site tested, and now you are getting some visitors to appreciate all of your hard work.  You’re doing great!  So now you’re wondering how to keep that stream of visitors coming back and contributing to the interactive nature of the site that not only helps you, but other visitors as well as.  Believe it or not, it’s relatively easy, and doesn’t require a lot of effort.  So limber up the typing fingers, and let’s get going.

On every page of your web site, there should be an area where the visitor can comment on the content of that particular page.  Whether positive or negative, it is their opinion and starts a conversation among others that visit the page.  People like to know if their comments are seen, so they will come back to check.  In addition, if you are able, you should email or comment back to some of the people commenting, especially the new visitors, to thank them for their comment, respond to them, and welcome them back to your site.  People like to have that personal attention, and will often build a loyalty to your web site.

On each page of your website, encourage social bookmarking with well recognized social media icons and an RSS feed, so that when you post new content your loyal viewers will know about it and be able to revisit your site.  In obtaining these voluntary connections to your site, you build web site traffic as well as a higher ranking in search engines as a popular site.  Don’t be shy.  You want to share your information in as many places as possible.

Another way to build your web site traffic is to post on other websites that are of interest to you, contributing relevant comments on the content provided and being part of the conversation.  Don’t just leave a bland comment, like “Good stuff.”  Contribute your knowledge and opinions on the subject at hand.  Then post your web site address.  If the readers of your comment are curious (and a lot of them are), then you will have more visitors to your site.  Sometimes small efforts bring big rewards and becoming a “social butterfly” will pay off in the fact that people are still social animals.  They will appreciate the fact that you make yourself available to them.

So, being the “social butterfly” I have become, I’ll be brave enough to ask for your comments and opinions or any advice you have for those working toward this end.