To Mail or Not to Mail

You’re learning quickly on some good ways to start building your visitor base, contributing to your internet marketing efforts.  Pat yourself on the back, but don’t break your arm.  We aren’t done yet, by far.  Some web site owners are using methods that seem a bit “old-fashioned” in today’s world, but don’t count them out.  Some methods, even though newer technology has pretty much replaced them, are still a viable way to build in your marketing efforts.  So we’ll explore a couple of them here.  Although these methods take more time, it is my aim to inform you of all of your options in your internet marketing success.

After that first paragraph, I am sure you are wondering why I would even bring up these options, but keep reading.  We all know that email is more instantaneous than snail mail, but some people still prefer to get their information on hard copy.  So if a web site visitor gives you their address and authorizes you to send information to them, do it.  At times, you may even want to pay a relatively small fee for a list of names and addresses of people that have been looking for your information.  Bulk mailings give a discount on any postage costs, keeping your overhead costs low while still reaching your target audience and prompting them to visit your web site and see what you have to offer.  As with the content on your website, the mailings should attract the attention of the reader without giving a feeling of desperation in gaining a viewing audience and selling products.

So you probably rolled your eyes at the snail mail option.  That’s one for your filing cabinet as something you can use while you are implementing other methods.  Using more than one method of marketing at the same time will bring faster and more solid results.  This is where email comes in.  Some people are tempted to send mass emails to lists of email addresses collected by other people.  However, you may never know how they were collected and you may end up contributing to the spamming problem prevalent today.  A better idea is to get a targeted audience by encouraging new visitors to sign up for your newsletter and to share a friend’s email address with you, giving an option for the friend to opt out if they are not interested in your content.  If your newsletter and web site are well worth reading, that friend will come back to your site, also.  Make sure the emails you send offer teasers that include a link to the content on your site that corresponds with the newsletter and you’ll gain more visitors.

These tips are rather simplistic in nature, but give a general idea of your options in internet marketing.  If anyone has tips or hints for your fellow readers, feel free to post them here in order to give guidance and advice, or ask questions.