Build Site Authority to Optimize Website Results

The goal of every website is not only to gain traffic, but to gain targeted traffic who is most likely to take action or make purchases. The best way to do this is to build site authority to optimize website results. Building your website as an authority for targeted traffic creates higher opportunities to increase its returns on investment. In order to be considered as an authoritative website there must be content that appeals to traffic and to search engines.

Offering a consistent flow of content that uses strategically placed keywords will help your website rank higher in search engine results pages. Use keywords that targeted traffic will be most likely to search for. The most important aspects of publishing content that will give your website the image of authority is to pay close attention to how you deliver the content and the topic. Search engine optimization, while critical, should come in as second place. First place needs to be well written pieces that visitors will find valuable.

Videos are becoming a popular way to deliver content to website visitors. There were 34 billion videos viewed per month. That equates to over 1 billion video views per day. Create videos that your target traffic will want to view and share with their social networks for the best success in video content creation. Give them attention getting titles and add specific keywords and tags to each video in order to optimize them for search engines. For posting videos on your website, only post one video per page. Add the transcript of the video or a blog article summarizing the videos content.

A powerful way to position your website as an authority is to offer special events. Webinars are a popular event that can help create interest while delivering information to your target market that will help them convert into customers. Schedule business-to-business webinars during lunch time hours to appeal to busy professionals, or schedule them in the early evening or weekends for webinars that are directed more for the general public. Make sure and record your webinars and post them at your website with keyword rich summaries to go along with them.

Remember include social media activities in order to build site authority to optimize Website results. Posting short blurbs that will interest followers and fans of your social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The posts should be designed to interest them enough to visit and take action on your site, without coming across as advertising or marketing. Offering free reports is one way that businesses do this.

Is your website considered an Authority? Share your tips.