The Benefits of Social Bookmarking for Online Business

Social bookmarking helps create powerful word of mouth marketing campaigns for your website. The benefit of social bookmarking for online business is that the bookmarking sites allow anyone to store, organize, tag, and most importantly, share their favorite online links. Your online success can be exponentially increased with the proper use of social bookmarking activities. It accomplishes improved exposure of brands, services and products in a medium that is browsed daily by millions of potential customers or clients.

A successful way to use social bookmarking for word of mouth advertising campaigns is to add “share” buttons on your own site. These buttons encourage visitors to share the link to the page they are visiting with just one click of a button. The link is automatically broadcast to the social bookmarking audience. This creates the potential for driving a huge audience to your site through the shared link.

When a link is shared to a social bookmarking site, it goes up in popularity as other people bookmark it or rate it favorably. Some bookmarking sites will have a thumbs-up icon to click in order to favor the links and other sites have different ways to recognize favorite posted links. The more people who identify the same link, the higher priority it is given on the social bookmarking site. As the importance of the link raises, so does the amount of people exposed to it. This can result in millions of people viewing one link shared at your site from a social bookmarking member.

Along with encouraging website visitors to share page links through their own social bookmarking accounts, create an account on a social bookmarking site for your business. When you post a blog article, video, news or other important information, bookmark the link at your own bookmarking account. Make sure that you do not use this for a sales channel though. A press release could be interesting to bookmark if it is announcing information that is valuable for the general public. Otherwise, keep your bookmarking efforts focused on sharing links that have nothing to do with marketing or advertising.

The best social bookmarking sites for online business marketing will be the biggest ones. Digg has more than 8 million visitors per month, hosts 1.3 million monthly visitors and Technorati reports monthly visitors in the 1.4 million mark. Make use of the large amounts of traffic for your next word of mouth marketing campaign.