Creating Your EBook

EBooks have become very popular in recent years.  They are essentially replacing hard copy books in many ways.  Although there is no way to replace the experience of browsing through your favorite local library, there are a lot people in younger generations that would rather do their browsing on the internet.  Believe me, you can find information on nearly anything that way.  If you find an eBook with the information you want, it’s available instantly with a simple download, and can be read on your computer, mobile device or eBook reader without the need for printing in hardcopy.  This makes eBooks a “green” option in today’s technical world.

After you find the subject of your eBook, there are some other considerations that your readers will look for, like standardized formats, file types, and compatibility with different mediums.  Let’s start with some standard file types for eBooks.

  • PDF is a recommended file type, since it cannot be altered easily.  This file format is pretty universal, since it has become a common file type that can be accessed with the free Adobe Reader.
  • Word Doc – You have watch how you publish these, since there are some compatibility issues between document software creators and different versions.  The best idea is to publish with the .doc extension that is nearly universal.
  • HTML page – If you are using standard, basic HTML tags, most people will have no problem reading your eBook in their web browser software.

Now for some basic formatting:

  • Use font Times New Roman (common for printed books) at a size of 12 to 14 point.  The 14 is easier to read in most mediums.
  • Use 1” margins, which is a standard.  If you want your eBook to seem longer, use 1.5”, but no more.
  • Use line spacing set at 1.5 for easy reading.

Chapter headings, subheadings and paragraph marking are a matter of personal preference, but be sure to keep things simple but entertaining.  Some graphics can add interest, but too many takes away from the content.

Share your tips on creating eBooks here, especially the ones that have become selling points for you.