Make a Marketing Funnel

There are a lot people new to marketing that cannot see beyond their first product.  They don’t have any idea how that product fits into their overall marketing strategy.  Basically, they’re running their business on a wing and prayer hoping their product will make a profit for them.  If you are one of those people, you have to make some changes to avoid impending failure.

Imagine your business as a funnel.  The object is to get your prospects into the wide end and eventually funnel them into your business as a customer.  The more prospects you find, the more customers you will create.  But you have to make sure that your prospects see value in what you are offering them.

In creating your funnel, you will build different levels of product offerings.  The first level is always the free offering that draws your prospects to the opening of your funnel.  The product could be free reports, newsletters, or a free membership to your web site.  This lets your prospects learn more about your business and your products, building their trust in what you are offering them.

Once you have their attention, they will begin to see your other product offerings.  For example, if your free product is a report your next product level could be an ebook that is more in-depth than the information you have already provided.  This pulls the prospect deeper into the funnel.  The next product level could be a home study course or a webinar.  Each product level is set at a higher price, with each one giving more value.

Your prospects will have several choices that keeps them traveling down into the funnel until they reach the bottom.  This is where they convert from being your prospect to being your customer.

Tell us how you built your marketing funnel, and the success you found in using this marketing method.