Get Your Link Building Diploma

Let’s face it.  Link building is not easy.  It takes time and effort, and does not happen in a short period of time.  Although you can see some results immediately, the links you get may not be of the quality that you need to get your web site listed in the search engine results pages.  In addition, if you try one of those link purchasing systems that are out there, you will certainly fail since there is no previous contact between your site and the sites that are linking to you.  In other words, the search engines will notice that you didn’t do your homework, but did the “Cliff Note” version of link building.

As mentioned, it takes time to build good quality back links.  Each part of link building can take a year, similar to your education in high school.  In your “freshman year,” you learn the basics that will lead to a higher level of education.  Each page on your website should already be optimized for different keyword phrases that have already been researched for effectiveness.  The links you get at this level are the ones that don’t require your help.  You can simply post your URL to different sites that allow them, and let the other site’s visitors do the work.

In the “sophomore year,” you build a business blog, and devote more time (and possibly some expense) in article marketing and press releases.  Use your keyword strategy in writing your content for both your site and for submission to others.

The “junior year” requires more time and effort.  This is when you add networking and social media to collect your links.  This is when you have actually have to participate with your website readers and customers to continue the “word of mouth” advertising that they provide.

To get your link building diploma, you have to get through your “senior year,” providing the excellent content that keeps people coming back and telling others who you are.  This continues your link building success.  Share your link building diploma success with us, as well as any tips that will help along the way.