Increase Social Media Followers with AIDA

The internet demands innovative new strategies, consistently applied, in order to succeed. Using older proven marketing methods can still create powerful results. AIDA is a classic sales structure that was developed by Elias St. Elmo Lewis (March 23, 1872–March 18, 1948) in the late 1950s.

AIDA is also known as the “Hierarchy of Effects”. It defines the steps that compel people to act on external stimulus. If you can excel in this model, you are sure to increase traffic for all your social media networks and gain possible new customers or clients. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

Increase Social Media Followers by Getting Attention

Getting the attention of your target market should be your first priority. The paradox is to get their attention without direct marketing. Social media networks should be 80% socializing and 20% marketing. Share relevant posts or comments with other pages that have followers that would benefit from your services or products. For example if you sell hair accessories, develop relationships with those that sell makeup. They will appreciate your attention and you can begin to position yourself as the hair extensions resource for their followers.

Increase Social Media Followers by Gaining Interest

There are two thought forms to gaining interest of potential new followers. The first is to list what makes you interesting and unique from your competitors and use that to your advantage while networking. The other thought is to give interest to other people. Using compelling comments on other people’s social media pages can create interest that will motivate people to want to get to know your business better. Remember to stay focused on gaining the interest of those that are most likely to want your products and services.

Increase Social Media Followers by Increasing Desire

You have your potential new follower’s attention, and perhaps some of them are beginning to show interest. Knowing them and how they think will help you give them the desire to begin following you? Could it be a contest, a freebie, or some other interesting offer that you could share with your network? Choose a couple ideas and try them out.

Increase Social Media Followers by Asking for Action

By this point asking others to follow your page, whether it’s Google +, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media network should be natural. For example “We are giving away a free eBook for everyone that “Likes” our Facebook page” would be a call to action. Since you have already got attention, became interesting and are increasing desire, most people will be happy to join your network.