Mix It Up in Marketing

There are times that you are tempted to stay with strictly videos in order to capture that audience, but did you ever think about the people that don’t watch a video at that particular time? There are some people that still prefer to read your text content, especially when they are in an area where headphones are not available and it is a public place or in the office. They do not want to disturb others with the sound of your voice, or the background music used in your video content. Offering only a video to show your content or product may sabotage your business.

Videos are a great medium for getting your message to your audience, but it should not be the only one. You should also offer the availability of the content in text as well as through email and social media content. In other words, network marketing requires that you mix it up a bit in the strategies you use. It is not in one strategy that you will find success, but in several in proportion to each other. Your strategy must include more than one strategy in reaching your audience, and being creative in using the different technologies will be to your advantage.

For example, a funny video in combination with the same text will grab your visitor and keep them on your site, and make them want to come back. Eventually, they will look at your product and make a purchase, since you have built a relationship with them in your witty commentary or your humor in presenting the product. Humor causes that “feel good” feeling that people are looking for and makes them remember your brand. Think of this one: “I’d like to buy the world a Coke…..” Made you feel good, didn’t it?

Share your tag lines here that get your customers to notice you. Some are really eye catching, and are worth sharing.