Using Video Marketing

There are times when you have to keep up the “Jones” in your marketing efforts. New technology comes out all the time, making it necessary to rethink your strategies. For example, what you show in the top part of your page may make or break your business. There are some people that like to read your content, while others look for videos in order to get your content fast, getting all of the information they need almost instantly. So are you offering that content to them? If not, you might be missing out on some sales, and letting visitors to your site slip away without getting your content, or buying your products.

Offering more than one opportunity to get your content absorbed will increase your reader base as well as your customer base. In addition to adding some great video, add just a small graphic or two to draw the attention of the visitor. Being able to have a choice in reading or watching your content after they see your graphic and the title of the content is what will draw people in and keeps them interested in coming back.

There is one rule that will help you in your page rankings. It’s follow the “above the fold” rule. Years ago, this applied to the portion of a newspaper that people could see as they were passing by the newsstand. In today’s world, it is what they can see on their screen when they click on your site. Set your resolution to 1048×768 and take a look at your web page. If there is both text and a video feed, you are good to go. If not, you may want to revamp your page a bit to get it there. You need to make sure that your audience knows that your video is available to them, as well as the option to read to read the text.

Do you use video marketing on your site? Let us know how it work for you by giving your experiences here.