Pick Your Products Carefully

In the world of internet marketing, you can have the perfect strategy for getting the word out there about the products you are selling, being effective in creating a volume of sales that sustains a steady stream of income.  People are flocking to your web site, reading your content and whipping out the credit cards to buy your products.  Sitting at your desk, you have your own silent celebration of your success in building this internet “empire” that allows you more freedom than that factory or office job you have been doing.  You write down your plan in leaving that drudgery to enjoy what you have built.  Then it happens.

You start seeing comments on your web site that one of your products is a scam or does not deliver what is promised in black and white.  And it is not just one comment, but several, and sales of the item plummets to a grand total of zero sales, cutting your income exponentially by the number of products you have.  So what exactly happened?  My guess is that you did not do your research on the product in question to see if you should really be associated with it.  Internet marketing is not just about marketing itself, but in what you market.

Given the vastness of the internet, there are many product developers out there that will sell ideas, writing and software programs that either spam people or promise you the moon is you use their product.  Let me tell you something to keep in mind in researching your product choices.  Nothing will make you rich overnight. If the product you are researching promises that you will earn $10,000 your first day, they are probably promising what they cannot deliver.  You need to have solid proof of what they promise before you try to get others to buy into the idea.  Otherwise, you end up with the scenario mentioned above.  Not only does this hurt your reputation as a marketer, but will drive traffic to your web site away, hurting the sales of the products that truly do help people.  Your web link may even end up on sites that alert others of internet scams, giving yet another blow to your bottom line.

The lesson is to be sure you do your research, try out the software programs offered, and check those lists of internet scams to see if previous purchasers had any complaint.  Only in choosing high quality products will your internet marketing business be successful.

Since we are all reaching for the same goal, leave your comments and advise here in order to help your fellow marketers in achieving their dreams.  Remember, there is plenty of room for all of us on the internet.