5 Tips for Starting Your Own Podcast

Regardless of what your podcast is about there are proven techniques that can maximize them for the greatest success. These 5 tips for starting your own podcast can help you get started in the right direction. You can use them for either audio or video podcasts.

Create a Branding Concept for Your Podcast

If you all ready have a branding concept for your business, you will want to mirror that as closely as possible by using the same logo and colors that people are all ready used to seeing. If you do not have a business, design a logo now or contract a professional designer to create one for you. Choose a name for your podcast that is catchy and will hook the attention of your audience.

Choose the Format and Structure for your Podcast

Videos have been the most popular podcasts recently, but audio podcasts are the oldest and remain a winning medium to use. Choose one and then define the structure you will use. It is important to structure your presentations and keep them consistent. When people get used to a day of the week or month that they can expect your podcast the more they will look forward to it. Put the date in your calendar and make it a priority.

Create your Podcast Content

Make sure you have an outline of what you plan to talk about and how to fill up the time during your podcast in a way that keeps your audience attention. Planning for a ½ hour podcast when you first begin will be helpful if you haven’t done podcasts before. You can always increase the time if you find your content can stay fresh and engaging for longer podcasts.

Record, Edit and Broadcast Your Podcast

One of the easiest ways is to use Skype Call Recorder. This Skype plug-in allows you to record Skype calls. It also gives you options for stripping MP3 audio files for audio podcasts or splitting the recording into individual movie files. Make sure you have a good quality microphone and speaker for the best recordings.

Grow Your Podcast Audience

Now that your podcast is ready for an audience, it is time to market it. Use a short SEO written content piece to summarize your podcast and place it on your blog or website. Create links back to it from all your favorite Social Networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or any others that you use. Ask your friends, fans and followers to share it with their friends, fans and followers.
Use These 5 tips for starting your own podcast to begin a successful podcast. Remember to develop it around your audience by asking them for reviews and feedbacks. Your podcast will only be as good as your audience makes it by their continuing following.