How to Write Compelling Blog Content for Readers and SEO

It is a juggling act when you initially begin to understand how to write compelling blog content for readers and for SEO. Your readers are the bread and butter. Your goal is to keep to them coming back, hopefully with friends and ideally ready to pour money into your products and services. This sort of growing readership base is not going to find you if you are not also appealing to the search engines as well. You can create balance to become attractive to both your site visitors and the search engines if you can remember that “Content is King” and “SEO is Queen”.

Compelling Blog Content for Readers

With the idea that content is king, you want to create a rich king that is intelligent and will be followed by your readers. Talk in the language that your target market can relate and want to respond to. Give them newsworthy and exciting information that will create value for them. A bunch of words strewn together in order to get a nod from Google is not going to serve you well. Your customers or potential customers will not reach for their wallets or sharing your information with their friends if you fail to provide them with compelling content.

Compelling Blog Content for SEO

While Content is King, SEO is a powerful Queen. She rules the internet to the value of click-through rates for sites that reach the tops of her search engine page. Most potential customers will never find you if you aren’t at least on the first page of the most popular search engines. They do not have the time or patience to scroll through to find you on page three or four of a search engine listing. With this in mind, it pays to serve the queen as an equal partner in your business kingdom’s online efforts.

SEO writing, that is using search engine optimization best practices, makes it necessary to use keywords in every piece that you publish in order to create a magnetic effect for the search engine crawlers and spiders to find you ahead of your competition. Those keywords should be worked into compelling content pieces for your readers and give weight for the search engines at the same time.

While you are using keywords they need to be placed strategically. The best positions for your keywords are at the beginning or near beginning of your content and towards the end, with mentions of them sprinkled throughout the middle. Blend those keywords into your paragraph outlines and sentence structuring to seamlessly flow in a way your reader will appreciate. This simple method will is the simplest way to know how to write compelling blog content for readers and SEO.