3 Ways to Create a Successful Membership Site

If you are considering adding this additional income stream to your online business there are 3 ways to create a successful membership site. Use these tips to update your current strategic plan for your membership site, or to create a brand new one.

A Great Sales Letter for a Successful Membership Site

A sales letter or article that advertises your membership site has to create an excellent first impression. Make sure to include why your potential members should pay money for what you have to offer. List additional bonuses you may offer that they can’t find anywhere else. Remember that a great sales letter is the key that decides if most of the readers decide to join your site or not.

Choose the Right Topic for a Successful Membership Site

Make sure the topic you choose for your membership site is going to be valuable for your potential members. The trick is to find a specific topic that will create enough information to keep your members satisfied. It helps to find a topic that is not easily found for free, or that has an additional value to your members that they can’t find anywhere else on the internet. For example, if you want to host a site for Baker’s “How to Bake the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” might not have enough content and your members will quickly drop out. But if you have “Top Secrets from World Renowned Bakers” and could include special interviews and other specialized information, your members are more likely to stick around to make sure they don’t miss anything.

Create the Best Membership Model for a Successful Membership Site

Determine how your members will pay for their membership and then update the content of the membership site accordingly. For example, if members are paying by the month they will expect at least one new offering a month, or more if your sales letter promised them more. If your membership site has a onetime fee, then your members are paying for the information that is already posted on the site, so there is no need to continue updating unless you want to continue marketing to them.

These 3 ways to create a successful membership site will help you keep your membership site active while you continue to market for new members. Your marketing will be more effective when you have a great sales letter, compelling topic and remain consistent with your content because your reputation as a successful membership site will begin to speak for itself.