Your Email Address is Important

A lot of people, including businesses, do not give a lot of thought to their email address.  When you go to a site to sign up for your email, how many fun names come to mind?  You might get a chuckle out of your email address choice at the time, but how does it affect your business?  For example, if you choose a name like, it dates your business.  People start to wonder if you have updated your site since the year 2000.  So there is the first tip:  Don’t use a date or year in your email address.

The next tip is to leave your humor on your desk, and not in your email. is not appropriate unless your business name is Funny Guy.  Match your email address to your business.  When you set up your website, you chose a domain name that reflects your business.  For example, your printing service is named “Hot Off the Press.”  Your email address should reflect that business name.  Use something similar, like, or  (These email addresses are fictional, so don’t bother to follow those.)

If your business has a catchy name, use it in your email address.  Sometimes that is what will stick in the minds of your potential customers.  There are times when is not enough to make your branding and business name stay in the minds of your website visitors.  Sometimes, remembering your site name is difficult for some people, but if your email address is memorable, your site visitors will email to ask for more information or reorder products that they have seen before.  In addition, when they see that catchy email address in their inbox, they are more likely to read the updates you send.  Your coupons, sales information and company news will actually be seen.

Let us know how you found your best email address name, and how people have responded to it.  We would love to know, especially if it is something really clever.